All About Tourmaline Gemstones by Michele Rolla

Let’s face it, gemstones are beautiful, but precious gemstones can be expensive. If you love your jewelry bursting with gemstones, and with a variety of colors, then you need to wear tourmalines. 

Tourmalines are very popular gemstones and occur naturally in many different colors. We have gathered some interesting tourmaline crystal facts for you. Read on to learn more about why you need to start wearing tourmaline jewelry.  

Colorful Crystals 

Tourmalines are classified as semi-precious gemstones. The beautiful crystals are easy to wear and do not chip or scratch easily.  They are considered valuable and more affordable than many precious gemstones and can be worn every day.  

Do you know that some tourmaline gemstones are often mistaken for more precious gemstones? A red tourmaline can resemble a ruby and a green tourmaline can mimic the look of an emerald.  

Tourmalines are also produced synthetically. Watch out for fake tourmaline gemstones. A scratch test can help you spot a fake tourmaline right away. 

While black is the most abundant tourmaline color, you can easily find tourmaline in blue, green, yellow, pink, red, orange, purple, brown, or no color at all. What is your favorite color?  

Healing Properties 

How is your chakra health? Our bodies are said to have many chakras that attribute to our overall mental and physical well-being.   

Wearing tourmalines comes with a bonus. Not only will you look and feel more beautiful and confident, but tourmalines help support our chakras.  

Watermelon Tourmaline 

A watermelon tourmaline crystal has a reddish, pinkish center and green around the outside, hence the given name, watermelon.  

Watermelon tourmalines are known to support your heart chakra, calm emotions, and promote overall happiness.  

Roni Downey has a perfect 2 watermelon tourmaline pendant. Wear this pendant close to your heart and feel an increased sense of self-love all day long.  

Pink Tourmaline 

Mean girls wear pink on Wednesdays and the rest of us wear pink tourmalines, on any day, not just Wednesday.  

Pink tourmalines are also known to support your heart chakra and are said to be the perfect stone to wear daily to combat stress and anxiety.  

Wear a pink tourmaline slice and allow the powerful healing properties of the crystal to rejuvenate your emotional health.  

Green Tourmaline 

Green tourmalines also support the heart chakra, promoting strength and vitality.  They promote healing and calmness. 

Wear Roni Downey’s green tourmaline wide ring as your lucky charm. Let the green crystal bring you happiness and health. 

Can’t decide which one is your favorite? This bezel ring is perfect with a total of 10 colorful tourmalines secured in 22k and 18k gold.  

More Tourmalines 

Roni Downey Designs offers handcrafted, unique jewelry. Each piece is made to bring you happiness.  

I hope you have learned some new and interesting tourmaline-related information. Are you ready to find the perfect tourmaline crystal piece of jewelry for yourself? Shop now and feel the happiness.