Roni Downey is an artist and jewelry maker with a lifetime of experience. She draws energy from the environment around her, from the structures to the shapes and from the textures to the colors.

Initially a printmaker, Roni became one of a handful of artists to integrate art and computers. This launched the beginning of many exhibitions that featu\red her award-winning artwork. Her ever-evolving talents then shifted to sculpture and ceramics, as she developed a deep love for architecturally-inspired designs. Her pieces have been exhibited across New York from Long Island, Westchester, and New York City. Along the way her work has received many awards.

Roni then stumbled upon her current love: precious metal. That discovery gave birth to a whole new facet of artistic talents. Her passion for metalwork burns brightly and as she often says, “Give me fire and a hammer” and she is at her happiest. The process is as important as the finished piece of jewelry. Roni’s work espouses an organic aesthetic. She lets the essence of the stone guide her in her ultimate design. Her pieces are wearable art. Each one is a unique, never-to-be-repeated design that becomes part of the wearer. Roni feels a piece should enhance a person, from their smile to their eyes, to the very heart of their being. Just knowing that a person feels good wearing one of her pieces is the ultimate for Roni. 

What future designs are on the horizon for Roni? You will just have to wait and see what’s next. Your own new favorite piece might be on her workbench as we speak.