Here Comes Silver by Michele Rolla


Move over gold. Here comes silver. Do you know that in addition to the beauty that silver jewelry extends to the wearer, silver is believed to offer many benefits to the wearer too?

Before jumping headfirst to all the beautiful pieces of silver jewelry you should be wearing, please take a moment to think about the many every day and the not-so-common items made from silver. We have gathered some interesting silver facts to share with you. Read on to learn more about silver and all of its benefits.

Silver Idioms

How many of these silver idioms have you heard of? Do you use any of them? Do you know what they mean?

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining
  2. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
  3. Silver surfer
  4. Silver-tongued
  5. Silver screen

Silver is more than a shiny chemical element. Silver is associated with grace, glamour, and sophistication.  It is also known as the metal of emotions, such as loving and healing, and when paired with gemstones, silver magnifies the benefits of the gemstones.

Everyday Silver Stuff

Look around. How many of your household items can you spot that are derived from silver?

  • Utensils
  • Picture frames
  • Electronics

Do you know that silver is also used in medicine? Silver has also been shown to be effective against bacteria that are becoming resistant because of the overuse of chemical antibiotics.

Silver Bells, Baubles, and Bracelets

Do you love jewelry? Of course, you do!  You came to the right place.

Jewelry is an investment and sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime, or several lifetimes. Do you know anyone who has inherited a beautiful sterling silver piece of jewelry?

Jewelers like to work with sterling silver. They can showcase their talents and visions for new pieces of wearable art with this moldable metal.

Are you ready for inspiration? How about this Sterling Silver Sphere with Diamonds Pendant? It includes a 30-inch sterling silver chain for a total casual or dressy wow.

Do you love bangle bracelets? You will love this Sterling Silver Hollow Bracelet Bangle with its trendy yet timeless design.

Maybe you like a side of pearls with your bangle. This Pearl Bangle is a show stopper and is sure to be a piece handed down from generation to generation.

Are you a fan of tourmalines? This Bezel Ring boasts 10 colorful tourmaline gemstones set in sterling and fine silver. That is a lot of love, healing, and chakra health!

Hi Ho Silver!

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We hope you enjoyed our silver talk. Shop some and then read a few more of our jewelry articles.