Rings to Say Hello to by Michele Rolla

When your phone rings, do you answer it? Probably not. Most of us have advanced to texting as our preferred method of communication.  

What comes to mind when you think about those who wear rings? Do you think only those in a committed relationship wear rings on their fingers? Are you missing out on expressing yourself through a beautiful finger-ring or another piece of jewelry? 

We are blessed with ten fingers. We do not need any reason to wear rings or any other type of jewelry, other than we want to. Express yourself and wear the ring! 

Today rings are worn by men, women, and children, and they are not limited to the fingers. We have put together a few interesting finger-ring tidbits for you. Read on for inspiration on your next ring.  

Back in the Day 

People have been wearing finger rings since the beginning of time. Back in the day, rings were often made from bones, shells, and feathers. Ancient gemstones were colorful pebbles. 

Before being worn as a sign of commitment, jewelry was worn for superstitious reasons, warding off bad luck. It is said that the Egyptians were the first to present rings to their loved ones as a sign of eternal devotion. 

During the Middle Ages, gold and silver bejeweled rings were reserved, by law, for royalty.  Thankfully, times have changed! 

Ring, Ring, Ring 

What is your birth month? There are rings dedicated to each birthstone. That doesn’t mean you should limit your gemstones to your birth month.  


Aquamarines are March’s birthstone. They are beautiful stones and worn by all.  

Look at this stunning aquamarine mirror cut in silver ring. Doesn’t the color remind you of the Caribbean Sea? Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of a relaxing vacation with each glance down at their aquamarine ring? 


If you were born in July, then you know that your birthstone is the precious Ruby. The red stone is highly valuable and associated with love, happiness, and passion. 

You or your loved one will fall in love while wearing this Kenyan Ruby ring set in gold. The deep red stone is sure to further enhance the beauty of the wearer. 


Maybe gemstones are not your thing. This textured hollow ring in silver is calling your name.  

Sterling silver is durable and sterling silver rings are perfect for daily wear. 

Express Yourself 

Jewelry is a great outlet for self-expression. Each piece, whether purchased, gifted, or inherited, has sentimental meaning. Jewelry brings out our inner confidence.  

Each unique piece of jewelry, designed by Roni Downey, is made to enhance each person, from their smile to their eyes. Knowing that each person feels great wearing her pieces is the most rewarding part of her career.  

We hope you have been inspired to express yourself through jewelry. Find your next finger ring or another type of jewelry and wear it proudly.